Hitting Session – The goal of the hitting program is to teach young athletes the proper movements of hitting. Players will have the ability to not only learn how to move more efficiently, but also build a solid foundation of proper hitting mechanics to enable them to have success at the higher levels.  We have invested in state of the art technology like the Rapsodo Hitting System and Blast Motion to help analyze a players hitting mechanics in order to make the proper adjustments that will give the player long term success as they rise through the different levels of baseball. Each session includes the following:

Warm-up and mobility work
Dry drills
Front toss/BP
Rapsodo Hitting/BlastMotion/Video analysis
Building baseball knowledge through specific situational hitting drills to make them better players of the game.

Coaches: Cesar Nunez and Conyal Cody

Pitching/throwing/arm care Session – The pitching/throwing portion of the program is focused on helping build and improve proper pitching/throwing mechanics.  This includes drill and mound work to help instill proper mechanics from an early age.  We have invested in state of the art technology like the Rapsodo Pitching System to analyze a players throwing mechanics in order to make the necessary adjustments so that they stay injury free and reach their full potential. The program consists of:

Proper warm-up
Driveline/Plyo drills
Structured catch and throw program
Mound work/Bullpens
Rapsodo Pitching//Video analysis

Coaches: Vince Herring and Levi Noddin

Field Practice - The field practices will consist of the following:

Specific defensive positional skill work.
Advanced base running fundamentals
Situational defense (bunt defense, 1st and 3rd plays, pickoffs, cuts and double cuts, etc.)

Infield Coaches: Kyle Czaplak and Derek Bell

Outfield Coach: Conyal Cody (CC)